i do what i does && sheeit, does what i doo

- Khorat

- 978. Ma - 864. Sc

- Class of 2014'

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❝probs .❞
(—— I swear dude , my mother pisses me the fuck off . like she always on my ass about something like some times I won’t even be doing shit and she’ll say something just to fuck with me . Like swear to god if she wasn’t my mom id mush the fuck outta her . like damn she pisses me the fuck off . I never satisfy her . I never can do anything that’ll make her “proud” of me. we will never have that “mother-daughter” type shit. it’s always been like that , she favors ever one else but me ? na, it’s something totally different.
I just need to get the fuck out this damn house . I’m 18 mother fucken years old .
give me some fucken space , or I will.)